Help the Chernihiv Regional Scientific Lyceum

It’s been 293 days since the full-scale war in Ukraine started.

We were demonstrated how the russian federation uses education to spread out its ideology and breach democracy. Education is one of the most vulnerable area during the war.

Our region is bordering belorussia in north and russia on northen-east.
The severe enemy is only 70 kilometers away from the regional center – Chernihiv where 27 out of 34 schools and 37 out of 52 kindergartens were destroyed as a result of russian missile attacks since February 2022.
The building of our lyceum was damaged on February 28th.
In Chernihiv Regional Scientific Lyceum we work with gifted and capable youth from all over Chernihiv region. Our lyceum is a very bright, creative, educational and scientific, cultural and sport hub of the whole region.
One day Russia destroyed comfortable and light classrooms.
It ruined plans and opportunities of those boys and girls who is studying here.
The most important thing today is not to lose children who want to get knowledge, not to lose the opportunity to give them the chance to get this education.
Therefore, during providing educational services government should take into account its quality.
Today we appeal to all indifferent people from all over the world.
We call on to help us to rebuild our home as our Lyceum is not just walls and classrooms, it a place full of family atmosphere which prevails here even despite the distance.

We appreciate your financial donation, any sum makes big difference to us, every hrivna/ euro/ dollar matters. Below are our accounts:
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Our Luceum Foundation: IBAN UA583808050000000026006154419
Raiffeisen Bank 380805 Charitable Organization «Education of ХХІ century Foundation»
* Privat card: Аntonina Fedorchenko, Privatbank: 5168 7451 2740 7739
If you know about any Foundations or non-governmental / pablic organizations who are helping and supporting ukrainian schools and shoolchildren - please share their contacts with us and we will reach out to them.
In case you have any questions about this iniciative - contact us on WhatsApp +380669496435 (Volodymyr) or via mail Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам необхідно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. (Antonina)
Thank you all! We believe in our Victory!